Protectors of the Treaty

Sharn "City of Towers"

Overlapping Missions

The Warden, the Wizard, and the Cleric had been sent on another mission before the main team returned on the mission to find the last piece of the Heart if the Citadel. The Last War created many grievances and grudges. With the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold and the ensuing peace many of those who were wronged have had little recourse in gaining revenge. House Deneith has its fair share of grievances from the war. Many of its members served in the Blademark Guild during the war. These men and women witnessed a great deal of action as they fought for the various kingdoms. Many of their comrades were killed due to poor intelligence, others because allegiances switched mid-battle.
While many of the members of the Blademark Guild have put these events behind them, some have not. Many House elders openly suggest that House Deneith was used by the Five Nations and other Houses during the war. That many of the missions the Blademark Guild undertook were sabotaged on purpose to weaken the house. One such individual who believes this is General Braelin d’Deneith. Braelin has maintained an obsessive hatred for those he felt wronged him and the soldiers under his command during the war. With the conflict over, Braelin has found a new position of influence within the House. He’s been promoted to commander of the Sentinel Marshalls.
Using his considerable influence Braelin has filled many of the positions below him with men from his former command in the Blademark Guild. With the Sentinel Marshalls position of authority reinforced by the Treaty of Thronehold, Braelin and his men dispense justice, real and imagined, against past threats to the House.
The Protectors have been tracking the General and found out in advance who they were currently hunting. There was a Bugbear commander named Anarexis Bloodfoot who led a group of Darguun Mercenaries during the Last War. He organized his mercenaries and the Darguun Mercenaries on the opposing side to combine forces and slaughter the other soldiers in the fight which included a large contingent of House Deneith on both sides. After the war he retired to Sharn’s Malleon’s Gate district to keep the interests of Darguun strong in Breland. As the Protectors locate and stake out the area that Anarexis is known to dwell.
A few hours earlier, the Protectors who retrieved the Heart got up and enjoyed breakfast in the common room of the Melancholy Manticore, keeping up their cover. Afterwards, Jode then led them through the city to the Deneas District to meet with his potential employer, Alina Lyrris. He led then into a garden maze and said a password to a gardener, who let them in through an illusionary wall. They entered a room of mirrors with the reflections of strange birds. Alina appeared and got right to business. She told them she wanted them to find an employee who has gone missing named Raistial Tan, and most importantly the cargo he was sent to retrieve. The cargo was a number of special Khyber Dragonshards. These traditionally “bind” magics like elemental to Airships and Lightning Rails.
They accept some meager funds from their employer for expenses and take a Skycap that drops them off at the entrance to Malleon’s gate as Raistial was last seen in the gate by one of Alina’s informants. The Protectors objective is to look for individuals that can give them a place to start looking for the Missing Raistial and the cargo. They enter a rundown city square and witness a squad of Sentinel Marshalls come out of hiding and attack a group of unarmed citizens of Sharn. A few seconds later they notice that the other group of Protectors is there and they link up with them through the group telepathic link provided by the Invoker. They eventually figure out that it is the Sentinel Marshalls that need to be subdued and not the unarmed citizens. During the battle a rather large crowd gathers and the Protectors are reminded that not even the city guard comes in to the Malleon’s Gate District. Finally they are able to kill 3 of the Sentinel Marshalls, the leader is taken alive. He is brought to the Daggerwatch Tower by the Paladin, the Warden, the Cleric, the Wizard, and the Invoker. Daggerwatch is where the City Guard and Militia are quartered and where there are temporary holding Facilities. The Paladin meets an Old Uncle Grazen and after she talks to him, the Protectors place the Prisoner inside one of the Holding cells. The Invoker and Cleric head to House Sivis to inform Allistair about the Prisoner and then head back to meet up with the others.
Meanwhile, Jode, the Thief, and the Artificer had slipped off into Malleon’s gate looking to complete the objective and get the information they needed. The met Rosalla the “little” Goblin Girl who pick pocketed the Artificer and then got the Thief to buy Siberys Dragonshards from a Minotaur. She led them through the maze of streets and alleys and eventually to a rundown temple. There they met a Harpy by the name of Cazha Bloodwing. She is a member of Daask, a criminal organization made up of numerous monstrous races, that makes its home in Sharn. She is one of three that oversees military operations for Daask under the command of the ogre mage Cavallah. Cazha operates from Daask’s holdings in the wards of Malleon’s Gate. The Protectors offer to pay her for any information on the special Khyber Dragonshards. They set up a meeting the next day with Rosalla as the Go-between. Rosalla leads them back out of Malleons Gate and they find their way back to the Inn where they meet up with the others and get a good night’s rest.



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