Protectors of the Treaty

Chapter 2


As they group woke to the sounds of peace and songbirds, they enjoyed a leisurely morning followed by a relaxing afternoon with their Guild mates in the courtyard sparring and playing in good natured fun. Eventually, a messenger came to them requesting they attend Allistair in the main sitting room. They met him there and he introduced them to Jode, a halfling whose Dragonmark of Healing was clearly visible on the back of his shaved head. He explained to them that their expertise would be needed for a mission of great significance. He gave them the run down that there were a number of House members that have gone missing and he was asked by the King Boranel of Breland to request the aide of the Protectors in an unofficial capacity. Also that he was being hired for a side job by a “Business woman” that would give the Protectors a good reason to be snooping around. They all agreed that due to their undercover nature that they would work on a budget and interact within the lower social strata of Sharn Society.
The team geared up and met in King Galifar’s tomb for immediate teleport to an area near their destination. They successfully arrived at a long abandoned manor house and re-secured the cellar that contained the teleport pad. They were able to acquire horses and avoid the squatters in the manor house and made their way toward the Dagger River and the City of Sharn. Along the way, they were accosted by Brigands, whom they eventually dispatched after taking some damage, giving their new Paragon abilities a test run.
They entered the city through the Taviciks Landing District and Jode led them into Dalens Refuge. They talked their way into getting their room on credit at an Inn called the Melancholy Manticore. They then proceeded to split up and seek out information. The Invoker and Artificer made their way into the upper district to patronize the library in order to get a solid understanding of the history and political structures of the City. Jode went off with the Thief and Paladin to hit the Inns and taverns seeking out information on the street level. They met back at the Inn got a good night’s sleep.



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