Protectors of the Treaty

Exiting the Mournland

With the relics in hand our party left the temple and headed toward exiting the cursed area of the Mournland.
The traveled too close to a Dark wood and were attacked by a horrid Lion. After dispatching the beast they realized there was an urgency to moving along the path faster.
They saw the living spell coming over the land. The magic users proclaimed that it was a cloud kill and breathing it would be their demise. The chase began attempting to escape the spell with a mind of its own. They hurried along the path and were constantly slowed down by a series of ambushing attackers. They made short work of the attackers and eventually made their way to high ground. Once there, they were safe from the cloud kill but they had to face a reanimated warforged. Although easily dispatched, the ooze absorbed into the warlock’s armor and the party had to decide to harm it. They eventually did destroy it, camped, and finally made their way out of the Mournlands by avoiding other dangers.



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