Protectors of the Treaty

The Prolouge Continues

Upon waking up after a mostly restless night in the Mournlands, our adventurers made their way down into the catacombs of the temple. It was a difficult trip for them but through their cunning and teamwork they managed to make it there with minimal injury.
Once in the catacombs they faced winding corridors, dangerous traps, and by using their skills and insight, they were able to locate the secrets that gave them access to the most inaccessible areas.
They easily handled another group of Gnolls intent on protecting the secrets of the catacombs. Then, they finally found what they were searching for. The great room with the treasure and relics they were sent to retrieve. Once in the room they realized that Unlocking the door triggered the inter-dimensional portals which opened and allowed the relics guardians, maddening Aberrant creatures to invade the room. Wasting no time our adventurers put the alien beasts to task. They fought hard and long and finally were able to defeat their foes.
They gathered their prize and escaped the catacombs by finding the secret to teleport back to the surface.



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