Ammunilla Saralóndë

Noble Half Elf known as a Spellsword.



STR: 10 (4)
CON: 11 (4)
DEX: 20 (9)
INT: 13 (5)
WIS: 08 (3)
CHA: 20 (9)

Trained skills:
Acrobatics 14
Stealth 14
Theivery 14

Helm of Seven Deaths: 2/7 soul(s)
Deep-Pocket Cloak +2: Cat Paws, Helm of Languages, Moonbane Lonsword, Punishing Longsword +2, subtle Longsword +2, Assassin’s Chatkcha +3
Mindiron Vambraces
Gloves of Storing: G1-Lifestealer Longsword +2, G2-Cloaked Kukri +2
Flame Tongue Longsword +2
Chainreach Katar +2
Cincture of the Githzerai
Battle Harness Cloth Armor
Dragon Sorcery Tattoo
Boots of Eagerness

A chill runs up your spine when you look upon a Half Elf dressed in all black a chianed katar in his left hand. When he walks you notice that unlike most people this man does not bob as he walks, and his presence is well felt. This gentleman says almost nothing, but when he opens his mouth the room falls silent, he states “My name is Amunilla Saralóndë”. A moment passes before any other noise is heard as everyone absorbs each word, and then as if nothing happened the tavern returns to its hustle and bustle.


My name is Amunilla(ah-moo-nee-ya)Saralóndë (sa-ra-loan-dee), my father is a nobleman with a secret, my mother a sorceress capable of manipulating living and dead tissue in her body and others. She taught me some of this and through years of practice I have mastered my own body in unimaginable ways, though I’ve not figured out others bodies as well… I think she has a secret she has yet to share with me. Since the moment I could run my father began to train me, grooming me to follow in his footsteps. I trained with him every day in acrobatics athletics stealth and the use of many weapons becoming one with each as I held them in my hand I began to understand that once you know the angles of attack all weapons are yours to handle with ease and each one becomes an extension of you. He trained me to use escrima, kamas, katanas, rope darts, kusarigama, and many other weapons of a far off land then he taught me versatility and improvisation so that I could quickly and efficiently use weapons of this region with deadly accuracy and force. I now proficiently use the Katar, Longsword, and Dagger, favoring a Flametongue Longsword, and Chain Reach Katar. As my father is a noble, I also had to learn the delicate arts of diplomacy and leadership. I learned that those who rarely spoke, were heard more often those who constantly spoke and as such I am an Half-elf of few words, preferring silent almost telepathic communication, gestures, and/or body language whenever possible. For the last ten years or so I have been following in my father’s footsteps gathering brothers for our secret society and hunting our mortal enemies, an organization that uses religious power to forward their agenda which is to dominate the world. My current recruits are facing their final tests to become Masters in the order, and I think my father is soon to retire leaving his position as Grand Master to me.
Traditionally the men and women of my order wear robes that are akin to the monks and or priests of their immediate region, equipped with chatkcha. However Masters such as myself and Grand Masters such as my Father are welcome to be more creative in their attire; I for instance wear a black Battle Harness under a black deep hooded shrug, A seven deaths helm in form of a coronet, a pair of loose fitting black pants and a long bum flap black fur lines the tops of my boots and gloves, as well as the entire inside of my hood and bum flap out to the rims… We have been known to work in association with House Lyrander and the High King of Taer Valastas, but we serve our code of honor first and foremost.

Ammunilla Saralóndë

Protectors of the Treaty Amunilla