Filia Fidei Mirona

Officer Mirona of Thrane Paladin of The Church of the Silver Flame


Lev. 9 Paladin
AC: 25
Fort: 17
Ref: 17
Will: 23

Str: 11 (4)
Con: 10 (4)
Dex: 10 (4)
Int: 10 (4)
Wis: 16 (7)
Cha: 22 (10)

Trained Skills: Diplomacy (15), History (9), Insight (16), Nature (12), Religion (9)

Theme: Sentinel Marshal
Benefit: +2 on Insight and Perception

Officer Mirona is intriguing as soon as you set eyes on her. Her build is tall and athletic with mid length dark brown hair kept in a single braid, olive complexion, and slightly exotic features. She is always in impeccable order and is almost always in her uniform of layered plate. Regarding her ability to fight she is equally skilled with the Greataxe as she is with her Longbow, the symbol of her faith. No matter what Mirona is doing she is always shining as an upstanding representation of The Church of the Silver Flame.


Filia Fidei Mirona was the daughter of a servant at the Cathedral of the Silver Flame. As a child she played in the courtyard’s watching the gaurds and paladins practicing their skills. By the time she was ten she was a promising archer & faithful servant of the Silver Flame joining the military at 13. Over the years she worked her way through the ranks. By 15 she was moving through Thran’s military swiftly. When not on the battlefield Mirona found herself charged with protecting Cardinals and other officials while they moved between the major cities and regions. Through the years she gained favor with a number of prevlant officials. By the time she was in her late teens she began to recieve special assgnments particularly from the cardinals of Thaliost during her time away from the front lines. She was known for her defense of the church’s values and drive to protect those who are faithful and good. By 25 she had proven herself and recieved a commision from the lieutenant colonel. Now an officer, Mirona was known for her quick and effective desicion making on the field and always finding excellent strategic positioning. She spent the next ten years gaining prestige to in her position & at 35 was given by the the Queen to the rare opprounity and honor to represent Thrane with a new group being created in [insert city here]. Shortly after her 36th birthday she set out. Her mission is clear: spread the word of The Church of the Silver Flame while assisting the new party to the best of her ability.

Filia Fidei Mirona

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