Finneas Drale

Human Warlock of Karrnath


Lev. 9 Human Warlock
AC: 23 (+2 against cursed enemies, +2 when concealed by Shadow Walk: max 27)
Fort: 19 (max 23)
Ref: 23 (25/27)
Will: 23 (25/27)

Str: 10 (mod = +0, mod + 1/2 level= 4)
Con: 13 (mod = +1, mod + 1/2 level= 5)
Dex: 11 (mod = +0, mod + 1/2 level= 4)
Int: 18 (mod = +4, mod + 1/2 level= 8)
Wis: 8 (mod = -1, mod + 1/2 level= 3)
Cha: 20 (mod = +5, mod + 1/2 level= 9)

Trained Skills: Arcana (13), Bluff (16), Diplomacy (15), History (13), Insight (9), Intimidate (16)

Theme: Alchemist
Benefit: Create one alchemical item of which you know the recipe for free at the end of any short rest. Can only have one such item at any time.

Slightly taller than average (6’0"), brown hair and eyes, ruggedly handsome.
Wears a black cloak trailed by faint tendrils of black smoke, has a crimson vest beneath. Faint red veins are visible under the surface of his black leather boots and gloves. A razor thin punching dagger juts out from a bloodstained leather bracer on his right wrist.
Weilds two rods: one a hollow glass tube within an intricately carved bone casing and the other a stout black rod with five prongs protruding from the end like a claw.


Day of Mourning, 994 YK – Finneas marches towards Cyre with his battalion to reinforce the main Karrnathi forces. As they emerge on the Cyreian banks, the explosion detonates, throwing the battalion to the ground. Shrapnel from the blast cuts deep along his arm as he shields himself from the explosion. He pulls himself out from among the dead and dying as the grey mist settles, seizing whatever useful goods he can from his fallen comrades.

Two months later, 994 YK – Finneas receives decoration and a promotion for his faithful service. The wounds he suffered from the blast refuse to heal, and he now wears a wrist razor to cover both the gashes on the top of his forearm. At the same time, a distinctly necrotic and arcane power seems to have settled upon him. He is placed in command of a small group of undead warriors. He manages to win several important defensive victories owing to the undead and his newfound power.

996 YK – The Treaty of Thronehold is signed, formally ending Karrnath’s involvement in the Last War. Finneas is reassigned to the head of protection of Count Vedim, the Minister of the Dead. During his service, Finneas uncovers and foiles an attempt on Vedim’s life, impressing and catching the attention of the royals.

998 YK – Regent Moranna ir’Wynarn summons him and informs him of his new assignment: he is bound by his duty to take upon himself the title of Protector of the Treaty of Thronehold as Karrnath’s envoy. He reaffirms his allegiance to his nation, and begins his next adventure…

Finneas Drale

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